How to prolong your battery's life ( More life cycles )

<p>There are not guidelines by manufacturers on how to get the most charge cycles out of your phones battery. They don't care. It's planned obsolescence. Major reason phones are not built with consumer replaceable batteries. The Axon 7 is a very competent device and i might like to have it as a back up device in a couple of years, or maybe use as a daydream device later as well. The more you totally or heavily discharge your phone, the faster you deplete its capacity and decrease life cycles. The Axon 7 rapid charge, though a great feature, is not good for your battery. I have a lithium ion pack for an EV and rapid charging isn't the preferred charging method. So I figured I should do a little checking. It is the same for phone batteries. I will link an article that will provide useful information to prolong the battery life in your phone. It may not be a concern for many, convenience being the biggest factor for them. For me it's just another conservation of resources as well.   <a href="" title=""></a>   </p>
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