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If you’re like us, you geek out on all things mobile. From flagships to large phablets, the mobile phone has changed the world by connecting it. The mobile industry is our passion, and we want to share that with you.

So today, we launched a new platform we call Z-Community to talk, discuss and share insights with each other not just on ZTE devices, but the mobile industry and what the future holds. Our mission is to share in each other's passion for mobile and shape the product roadmap for future ZTE products.

Now you may be asking, what exactly are you going to share and discuss? From exclusive insight into ZTE devices and product development to beta test opportunities to product giveaways, Z-Community will be a place you’ll want to visit and participate in every day.

To give you the ‘lay of the land,’ here are the spaces in Z-Community that can give you what you want:

  • Forums: Discuss your ZTE device and others with members worldwide. As the seventh largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, it makes sense to have world-class support for our fan base. Submit a question, search for answers, or simply converse with fans and ZTE staff.
  • Labs: If R&D is your thing and you want to know about the latest and greatest, then the Labs is your place to be. From beta testing opportunities to discussions around new features and functionalities currently in research phase, be ready to share your thoughts on what should be integrated into our next mobile device.
  • Blog: Are you a thought leader or simply a mobile enthusiast, we invite you to share your perspective of industry trends, firsthand experience with the latest gadgets, and much more on the blog.  We’ll have guest posts from thought leaders with ZTE come and participate as well, so stay tuned for some exciting content.

So don’t delay - register now, skim through our Community Guidelines, and start engaging with fellow community members. If at any point you have a question, simply post it to our forums, where we have a passionate team of Community Ambassadors to support your journey.

We look forward to your participation!


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