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Unless you're a lawyer, most of us do not enjoy reading the fine print of terms and conditions. As such, we have listed out the 10 most important guidelines that enable our community to operate at a productive level:

  • Treat one another with respect and help each other out whenever possible
  • No profanities allowed, including the use of special characters that may be used to symbolize profanities
  • Where applicable, follow all rules when participating in contests, beta programs, and product support requests
  • Do not plagiarize content, either from a fellow community member or anywhere else non-original content was found
  • Do not submit links or files that are potentially dangerous, including but not limited to computer viruses or malware
  • If three or more community members complain about a specific post, ZTE may remove this post without warning
  • Besides your name, do not post any personally-identifiable information about yourself or any other users
  • Do not promote, sell or buy any goods or services from fellow community members
  • Do not impersonate another user’s account
  • Do not create more than one account

So what happens when guidelines have been violated? First and most importantly, our default stance is to treat everyone like adults. However, there may be times when we need to step in and enforce our 3-strike policy: 1st strike goes on the record, 2nd strike adds a one-week suspension, and 3rd strike results in account deactivation.

To end on a positive note, we truly do not intend to ban anyone, so let's treat each other with respect and help guide all topics in a meaningful and productive manner!

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