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I purchased a NEW Zmax Pro phone. The phone I got as a new one had a defective speaker inside it. I took it back to store they stated that I needed to come back and pick up a refurbished phone in 10days. I argued that I should be getting a new phone they stated that they had to send mine to ZTE to be evaluated. So i waited and what I got back was a refurbished phone. So to save myself the stress I took it. Now that piece of **** stopped working 2 months later. I then go to store and they tell me to go to manufacture. So I do. ZTE then had me send phone in. Takes 3 weeks to get phone back and when I do the phone I am given doesn't work. So now I'm having to send phone in again. This is the 4th time it will be repaired. How many times can u repair a phone before u realize that your product is garbage. ZTE customer service refuses to provide me with a brand new phone which I feel I deserve to get since the one I originally purchased was defective. They only will provide me with another refurbished phone. Obviously ZTE doesn't know how to do repairs. So I guess I purchased a phone that will only be used to play games with ZTE. I'll get the next phone that is a repaired phone not new but one they pieced together with parts from other broken phones to have to send back because it won't work. This is what I have been doing for the last 6 months. I want to know how many times did it take before ZTE sees that they can't do their job right. Will they continue to play this game until warranty runs out. I feel that is what they are doing. Screwing the customer around until warranty runs out and they no longer are liable. ZTE has the worst customer service and support. The people there are ignorant.


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    Adding in @zte_usa for assistance.

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    I have the same phone. It isn't the greatest no. But I have had issues with LG and Apple too.

  • so yes i received another defective device and returned it again. now they have sent me a replacement device that cannot connect to network or be unlocked. so now i am stuck with a device that is useless to me

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    I gave up. T-Mobile credited my account for what I paid for my ZMP. I used that Robby an LG Stylo 3 Plus.

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    You're not stuck with a phone that is useless. Just return that one also. There's one post where a guy had to return the phone 5 times before getting a good one.

    There is absolutely no good reason to have to go through more than one return to get a working device.

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    I had my zmax pro for over seven months with no problems i think most people that say the phone is no good don't even have the phone are just making stuff up had iphone and lg samsung and motorola and htc phones that mess up its a phone it wil mess up its a piece of electronics

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