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I know what the website says on LTE bands. Can anyone with a Axon 7 phone actually confirm what bands are on this device currently. Earlier specs seemed to indicate there was both CDMA and LTE bands but the current specs on the website leave off CDMA and a few bands I would need on LTE.



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    hi @murf

    For the compatible band, I will go with the official information posted on the ZTE website:

    Axon 7 has the bands in the hardware that support Verizon network. However, getting a non-Verizon phone working on its network does sometimes require a bit work and it is never guaranteed. Verizon is one of those carrier that seems to be most difficult to bring your own device:). Though there are plenty of people that are able to get the phone working on Verizon, just search hte forum.

    Couple of things to note: You won't be able to activate the sim in the phone since the phone is not certified by Verizon. But once you got the sim activated, you should be able to put the activated sim in the phone and use it.

    There are a couple of users who also experience minor issue where they have to put a GSM SIM in the phone first to get the network working correctly. Then shut the phone done and put in the verizon sim to get it to work.

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    I have been using Verizon in my Axon 7 for a month now. The only issue I have is when the phone restarts I get an error msg "insert a sim". I just click OK and it's all good. The biggest hassle was getting Verizon to allow me to be a customer. I had to activate with a Verizon phone, then put the sim in the Axon. No issues with calls or data.

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    Does this help?

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    @jimlloyd40 I did, but I noticed that reception as well as battery life improved when the top choice wasn't being used (most likely due to the LTE) so I switched to the second choice.

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    @jimlloyd40 it is a bit unfortunate, but considering how little mobile data I end up using ( too expensive in Canada ) it really doesn't bother me

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    I have similar issues with battery drain on LTE selection. I dont want to lose LTE so im trying to look around to see whats causing it. Just regular LTE connection or some app pulling data. @jimlloyd40 has been helping out a lot with it. Hopefully i can zero down on it. Pre B25 update it was great, but since the drain is about 3-4 times when idle.

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    @klev I hope you're able to find a way. Good luck!

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    I have a Boom Mobile red sim card which is verizon do you think that would work?

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    @murf said:
    I have a Boom Mobile red sim card which is verizon do you think that would work?

    Hi - yes as long as your Boom! SIM is already active it should work. Boom! will not activate a SIM with the Axon7's IMEI so it's essential to have an already active SIM.

    I used Boom! SIMs in my Axon 7 without issue for a couple of months. However - there was one report by a Boom! user where their account was suspended for not using an "approved" device after a while...this report was the only time I've ever heard of this, and I haven't had this issue myself, but I suppose it's a possible complication as this user did seem to know what he/she was doing.

    Two other things - make sure the APN is vzwinternet and also make sure that data roaming is enabled...this is necessary on the Axon 7 when using a Verizon SIM as ZTE has not properly implemented CDMA support in the firmware. Good luck!

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