Axon 7 wont charge unless i reboot

No matter which power adapter I use, including the original supplied unit, my phone won't charge unless I reboot the unit. I'm running stock MiFavor. Any suggestions?


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    Check the connector for the USB-C cable, as well as the USB-C port on the phone. Sometimes dust can build up inside of the port and prevent some of the pins from making proper contact. Without proper contact, the phone will likely only draw a small amount of power from the charger.

    Another thing that can be checked, is if the device is reporting temperatures properly. If it detects high battery temperature, it will not charge it.
    A tool I like to use to check out what is going on with the battery is: 3C toolbox

    When you first launch it, switch to expert mode.

    Do the following.
    1: Click on Battery Mgr.
    2: In the configuration wizard that will show up, on the second page, it will ask you to select a battery current flow source.
    3: Select Reverse Android uA
    4: for the capacity readout, there is no need to worry about it as it will have no impact on battery life.

    Once in the main battery manager page, you will then be able to view the battery temperature, as well as the charge rate.
    The easiest way to tell how it is reacting to the charger, is to look at the mA flow, and see if it changes when you connect the charger. for example, if it is being drained at -300mA, and when you connect the charger, the drain moves to -100mA or 0mA then we at least know that it is receiving power but something is causing it to not want to pull much power from the charger.

    If the battery is in the upper 40C range (getting close to 50C) then the device may refuse to charge the battery to prevent putting too much stress on the battery, which can shorten its service life.

    If you have a device like a USB power meter, then you can also compare the charge rate to see if there is a major shift before and after the device boots.

    The Axon 7 should pull about 5V at 0.24 amps while it is trying to detect a charger, and then jump to anywhere between 6-9V and pull 1.5-3 amps.

    If it gets stuck at a very low power setting like 5V at 0.24 amps even when off, then it means that something is preventing the phone from communicating with the charger (e.g., dirt or corrosion on a power pin, causing an incorrect voltage to be detected on the pins, then it never reaches the stage where it tells the charger which voltage it wants, or if it only happens when fully booted up but temperatures are fine then it could be a software issue.

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    I would also just do a wipe of the cache to make sure this isnt something software related and then if you continue to have issues please reach out to the Axon VIP support line

    Power off device
    Press volume up and power at the same time
    When device vibrates release keys
    Select wipe cache by using volume keys to move up and down
    Press power button to select the wipe cache option
    and then select yes your sure.
    I usually do these steps atleast 2 times just because sometimes it doesnt clear the first time.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I wiped the cache in recovery. I downloaded the tools app listed above, and my phone still will not charge without a reboot. The battery charger section of the app assumes the phone is unplugged even though it is (No change in input current). As stated above, Ive tried several different USB-C cables and chargers.

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    Were you able to check if the port was clean, and that there was no corrosion on the contacts?

    Changing the cable will not do much if he issue turns out to be an issue with the port.

    If all else fails you will need to try reinstalling the stock ROM as that process will also reinstall the USB drivers. This would especially be worth trying if upon inspecting there is not a bunch of dust on the bottom of the port (the entire back is colored black). and the device is entering quick charge mode after the restart, with a charge rate higher than 500mA. (when the battery is below 85%)

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    Yes, the port was clean and clear. I'm not looking forward to re-installing the rom, but it beats shipping the phone out. Where can I find resources for downloading it and any tutorials. All Android devices seem to have slight variations in the process

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    To do a reinstall, perform the following actions.

    1: Backup all important data as this process will erase everything on the internal storage.

    2: Make sure you have a micro SD card 4GB or larger.

    3: Head over to the Axon 7 support page.

    On that page you will find this link to download the B19 ROM. AXON 7 SD card software package(326200B1901A2017UV1.1.0B19).zip?dl=1

    4: After downloading the ROM, extract the zip file to a new folder.

    5: After extracting that zip file, you will see a file names in the folder. Copy that file onto the micro SD card in your phone. ( must be in the root part of the micro SD card and not in a folder on the card.

    On the smartphone, you will need to perform a few actions in order to enable the developer menu if you do not have it already enabled.

    1: Open the android settings menu.
    2: Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on About phone.
    3: Rapidly tap on Build number after 10 or so taps, it should display a message letting you know that the developer menu is now available.

    With the developer menu enabled, perform the following actions:

    1: In the main android settings menu, click on Advanced settings.
    2: Scroll to the bottom, and then click on Developer options.
    3: Click on OEM unlocking. It will ask you to enter in your android pin/password.

    Once you are done enabling the OEM unlock, do the following actions.

    1: Press and hold the power button for 4-5 seconds in order to bring up the power menu.
    2: Click on restart.
    3: Once the animation completes and the screen goes black, press and hole the volume up button.
    4: Continue to hold that button until you see the Android Recovery screen.
    5: Using the volume control keys to scroll, go to Apply update from SD card
    6: Use the power button to select that option.

    This process will then take 10 or so minutes to complete. During that time, it will erase everything and install the B19 ROM. PS, whenever the device reinstalls the USB drivers, the charging process will stop, so if the power cable was connected during the reinstall, you will have to disconnect and then re-connect the USB cable.

    Since the ROM on the website is a little older, you will have to run the OTA update process, so I recommend not installing any user apps or doing anything more than the bare minimum setup needed to get to the home screen and onto WiFi so that you can do the update to B25.

    After that update, since nothing is setup yer, I recommend doing another factory reset (it really solves a lot of the update related issues some users face when a large update is installed).

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    NO DICE!!! Thanks everyone for their advice and tips. I Cleaned/Checked ports, used different usb-c cables, wiped cache, checked current/voltage input & battery management with tools app, and finally reinstalling the rom without reloading settings, yet the phone still won't charge unless I reboot the phone. At this point I can't imagine it being anything besides a hardware issue.

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    @cakebatter said:
    NO DICE!!! Thanks everyone for their advice and tips. I Cleaned/Checked ports, used different usb-c cables, wiped cache, checked current/voltage input & battery management with tools app, and finally reinstalling the rom without reloading settings, yet the phone still won't charge unless I reboot the phone. At this point I can't imagine it being anything besides a hardware issue.

    sorry to hear the trouble @cakebatter . In this case, contact the customer service number posted by @musicdjm to have the unit repair or replaced.

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    Hello fellow helpers and victims of the charging issues!

    My wife and I both have the Axon 7....hers had her own issues I wont go into since this is a forum about chagrining issues. But in the end, we sent her phone in and Axon sent out a new phone as a replacement. How cool!!

    Mine on the other hand...

    The only way the phone can charge is to plug it in, and restart the phone. Once it has been restarted, the red charge light lights back up again.

    You also must know that I have cleared the cache and re-booted a few times last month, but that didn't resolve the charging issue.

    Tonight I selected the second option when "holding power and the volume button up" until the phone restarts.

    This time I chose the "Reboot system to bootloader" option.

    After that moment of restarting the phone, the charging signal went on "as usual when plugged in and restarting", but this time I removed the charger, re-plugged it in, and it charges with no issues.

    So my question to the techies out there, does logic play a role in this whole game? Is it really a software problem? Do you really need to spend 25 minutes updating the ROM and erasing everything from your phone?

    Or is this current version of the phone just clunky with random glitches?

    Some say " blow the usb and make sure its clear of lint" like its 92' again...blowing out the old game cartridges.

    Some say "clear the cache".

    Some say "re-boot"

    Some say this and some say that.

    Where is tech support on these forums with an official diagnosis, examples of symptoms and simple instructions?

    I am seeing forums off the basic search engine searches dating back to 2017 with no confident answers???

    In conclusion, todays answer to my charging issue is the second option when doing a hard re-set. Choose the "Re-boot system to bootloader". Not sure what that is, but at this point, I'm willing to see what happen's (given the fact that I have already backed-up my system).

    Best of luck to all of you.

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