MAX XL build upgrade request

When will there be a software build upgrade for the MAX XL that will allow the phone contact functionality to mirror that of the so-called underling model phones such as the WARP 7? I've been sold a false bill of goods in this phone purchase thinking it would be far superior than the Warp 7; however, the only upgrade seems to be the size of the display. This phone leaves a lot to be desired. The contacts functionality is less than seamless as it seems the contact photos on the MAX XL are pixelated in comparison to the crystal crisp clean contact images on the Warp 7 and in addition YOU CAN NO LONGER SAVE INDIVIDUAL CUSTOM RINGTONES per contact as you could with earlier models of ZTE phones. The lack of this function/option is HUGE not to mention the display is at times very unstable and will TOTALLY BLACK OUT in the middle of a web search, a game, or a video sometimes even flipping the color display to negative as in a photo negative!!! It's a coin toss on wired headphones working at all. I know many may think I have just received a bad device but this isn't the case as my complaints seem to be in line with other MAX XL users on BOOST mobile. Address these issues and clean up the SD card as internal storage option in addition to adding an auto cache dump function (as in the phone's current state, there are many cache freeze ups) and then you'll have a superior product for the value. Thank you for your immediate deference to these issues which should be straight forward as algorithm fixes.


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