YouTube choppy at 60fps

I've been having this problem on and off for a long time. Sometimes when the YouTube app's video quality switches to 60fps HD, the framerate actually drops to like 2fps instead of going to 60fps. I'm really quite sick of it and it prevents me from watching hd quality on videos with high framerates. When I go back to 480p it goes back to 30fps like it normally is.

I always update my apps and my ZTE software updates.


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    Do you have any other apps such as screen recorders or background video recorders or any other app that will use many resources in the background?

    I tried playing a 1080p 60FPS video on the youtube app.

    I then monitored the CPU usage stayed in the 50% range, and the while the simple system monitor app would not allow me to pin the CPU frequency windows, 2 of the cores remained at 307MHz while another 2 were at about 940MHz during that time.

    The video was smooth with no visual issues.

  • ZTE Axon 7 Unlocked. I run it on T-Mobile but this happens on Wi-Fi too. I'm not running any extra programs that I know of except perhaps EasyEyes. That's a blue light filter app. It should be pretty lightweight though.

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