Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher" by DYNA Logix.

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Anyone using Bubble Cloud? After downloading and trying at least 100 watchfaces I have really become a fan of watch faces with "complication" buttons. I soon discovered "Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher" by DYNA Logix. On one of the watchfaces I am using, I have Sound control, Date, Weather with temperature and icons,, Steps, Flashlight, Battery indicators for phone and watch, and the dialer. What you can do with this is almost unlimited.
At first I found it too complicated to set up but there are numerous tutrorials on You Tube and I must say I keep returning to this watch face. You have hundereds of complications to pick from and you can make your own or modify the existing complications that come with the program. The watchface features a slide to app drawer and brightness control right on the watch. I will get some pictures up soon. You can also program what the home button does. I have mine set up this way: One long press, I get "Theatre Mode" a very small amount of brightness, easily read in the dark. Two long presses I get full brightness for outside in the sun. This is the most versital Androud Wear app I have found so far and I think I have just begun to scratch the surface on what this program can do. It's on the Play Store if you want to check it out.


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    i will play around with it. It reminded me a lot of apple watch's UI.

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    Yes it does visually for sure. On the main watchface, I turned off the color as I thought it looked too busy. There's done of customization you can do and a lot of pre programed options...

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    I don't like the watchface itself at all, but I did post about it in this very forum awhile back telling people about the button shortcuts and how you don't need to continue using the face in order to use those.

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    Just to clarify, you can run a lot of different watch face "syles" from the Bubble Clound Launcher.

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    More information here...and great examples of what you can do with it. https://plus.google.com/+BubbleCloudWidgetsWearLauncherInteractiveWatchFace

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    It is really awesome how much customization is available for this watch. I put it down for a little , but keep going back to it.

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    As far as customizations using this software, I haven't had anything not work. The only thing I can think of is won't be able create a complication for turning on a feature not on the watch such as Android Pay etc. YOu can use it to turn things on or off on your phone.

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