How to downgrade to a previous Android version?

I've been having problems with my ZTE Blade Xmax. When I have more than one or two apps open, it will often freeze and I have to restart. I mean, seriously! I had a ZTE Zmax 2, which cost half as much, and I never had this problem on that phone! I think this must be because of a system update, since I didn't used to have this problem. This is the second time an update has caused major problems for my phone. (It happened with a Moto G4 as well, and there was nothing I could do about it because it was the Amazon Prime edition.) How can I change it back to Android 7.0? Will a factory reset do the trick? If this can't be fixed, I'm switching to iOS. Which is something I've said I would never, ever do, but at least I can count on the quality, even if it will be inconvenient because I use Linux on my computer. I've had this phone for less than two months, so this is ridiculous.


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    hi, @melody5697 , sorry to hear about problem.

    Software update should not have caused the problem you described.

    Does it crash with a particular app or any app (like the built in app such as dialer, contacts, calendar, etc)?

    What I would probably suggest you to do is clear the cache by going into setting-->storage-->phone-->cache.

    If this happens with a certain apps, then I would also suggest to to clear the data for that particular app (go to setting-->apps-->select particular app-->storage-->clear data.

    factory reset potentially could also be an option too. I often do that when I do major software update and with everything in the cloud, getting it back up and running often just means 10-20 minutes to get it set up.

  • I just went to the Cricket store. The phone freezing and having to restart is a known issue. It will be replaced for free, since it's covered under warranty. So never mind.

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