How can I log onto apps when Blade xmax keeps telling me "too many requests" and doesnt let me?

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I've got an eBay account already established for years. When I purchased my new cell phone, ZTE blade Xmax, I downloaded the eBay app on it. When I tried to log onto my old acct, the message.... "too many requests" kept popping up on the screen & wouldn't let me go any further. So I tried to set up a new acct with eBay.... The same thing happened again! I'm so frustrated right now.... Someone please help asap

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    @veronicalynn Hello, and Welcome to Z-Community. I would start with the simplest things such as closing out all running Apps, and then attempt to log in again. I would also like to see if perhaps one of our CPAs @coldheat06 is able to assist you further in troubleshooting. Should you have questions please give a shout.

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