Blade X Max Total Piece of CRAP! (** Carrier Update Issue. Problem Now Resolved by Carrier **)

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I got my Blade X Max in late May and thought I loved it but it has degraded into a complete PoS! Within the past month, it has suddenly started randomly rebooting for no reason, locking up and having to be rebooted EVERY time I plug it in to charge, it keeps resetting my chosen sound settings to Cricket default, it overheats constantly, and the battery drain is ridiculous! I am LIVID and about to take it back to Cricket in hopes that they will exchange it for the new LG Stylo 3.

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    Ok, I'm in love again. Turns out it wasn't the device at all but the Cricket software,. They had run an update not long after I got the device, which I had suspected was causing my problems but of course was told by Cricket couldn't be the culprit.

    Lo and behold, they pushed out another update recently and suddenly everything has stabilized. I'm glad I decided to be patient and not send it in for a replacement. I'm sorry I ever doubted you, ZTE! Blade X Max rocks!


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    Sorry to hear, sounds like you got a lemon. Hopefully you can get a replacement.

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    Sorry for your difficulties. This definitely sounds like either a manufacturing defect or possibly a software defect. My last phone which was a ZTE Warp Elite had a lot of what you described wrong with it. In the end I had to send it to the manufacturer. I had mine through Boost Mobile. Now I have a ZTE Blade X Max and thankfully no major issues so far. Although I think my Nougat 7.1.1 needs an update. Occasionally I will encounter glitches.

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    My blade wigged out during the first hour I owned it. Battery drained extremely fast. I've now had Facebook completely disappear without my input 12 times in the past week!

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