Axon 7 Fixes or temporary fixes.

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Ever have some random issues with your Axon 7, the best Flagship around, I've got quite a few tips on how to solve them!

Does your Stereo speakers sound muffled and messing with Dolby settings don't seem to be helping? Play music through them at full volume and take a toothbrush or a soft bristle brush, whatever works best for you, and clean out your speaker grills, in most cases, the speaker grills can get clogged up quite a bit considering the grill holes are fairly big for it's size. Be sure to do it softly so you don't scratch your screen or potentially damage your speakers or the fabric behind the grills protecting your speakers from dust.

SD card issues can be a Pain, and I'm one of the sad saps that had to find a fix for it with some great but unfortunate news to go with it. My phone stopped working for some odd reason awhile back and I couldn't explain why it wouldn't boot. From what I've learned, Certain SD cards have a set write speed, I was using my 64gb SanDisk ultra micro that I purchased before hand. Of course you can use whatever card you'd like but I recommend setting up the card before you use it. In order to do this, go to your settings and look for the storage option. You have to format it first and then it will give you two options, first option is to set it up as internal storage. I don't know much about this setting considering my SD card doesn't have a high enough read write speed but setting it up as a media device for music and videos. Of course for some odd reason, the SD card I have bricked my device until I found a temporary fix from recovering from the resulting boot loop. Remove your SD card, and go into your recovery mode and factory reset your device, from there it might not boot into Android but don't worry, just let your device charge while powered off for about 2 or 3 hours and from there it should boot up normally. Be sure to get an SD card with a high read/write speed. Trust me,It's worth it.

Ever notice your YouTube videos seem to stutter? I've had this issue and the fixes provided weren't working either so I mixed it up a little. I closed YouTube and cleared it's cache and from there I changed the CPU settings to performance mode and powered down the device into recovery mode and cleared the cache there too and booted it back up. It fixed my issue and so far it hasn't happened ever since. Give it a try in what ever order you'd like, either way, it should work if you follow this order.

Headphones not working properly? In most cases it could be your headphones dying or the pins not making proper contact when plugging in your headphones, take a brush or toothbrush and stick the bristles into your headphones and wipe against the contact points until Clean, it should fix your issue with the buttons being pressed that aren't being pressed or just no sound.

I'll be sure to post more information when I learn more.

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