[FIX] Blade V8 Pro infinite boot/Stock Android has stopped

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I had a problem that let my phone in an infinite boot. It was the Facebook official app for Android...
I contacted with ZTE support and they told to me that the unique solution for that will be to make a 'factory reset' so I did it.
Then I remembered the Android 'Safe Mode' and found the solution for that "infinite boot"
When you get the 'infinite boot' you'll need to press your power button till ZTE Logo comes in, then, when Blade logo appears you'll press 'Volume -' button, then your phone will be booted in 'Safe Mode'... Then you'll open Settings > Default Apps > and choose in Launcher lash, Mi Favor. So you'll be able to access to Play Store, open it and uninstall the Facebook official app, then reboot your phone normally and it'll be ok without performing a factory reset.
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    Adding additional information to this thread for users that may be encountering the bootloop issue on the Blade V8 Pro.

    If you have the Facebook app downloaded on your device, there is an issue with the most recent update that is causing the device to go into a bootloop.

    Here's what you can do...

    With the device powered off:

    -Press and hold the Power key.
    -Once the device boots, release the Power key.
    -When you see the Axon logo past the ZTE logo screen, press and hold the Volume Down key.
    -Continue holding Volume Down while the device powers on.
    NOTE: Once the device is fully powered up, you should see the words Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen.
    -Go into the Google Play Store and search for the Facebook app, then uninstall the app.

    Warning Do not update the Facebook App via the Google Play Store afterward. This will cause the same issue.

    Link to Facebook APK that does not present this issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ykm2Eg8unsdW9HREhUdEJfYVU/view?usp=sharing


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