Sd card storage.

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I'm a new ZTE user. I had a rather traumatic breakup (after 5 years) with iPhone this week. And was in desperate need of a phone fast so I got what I could afford and that is the 8GB ZTE champ. I didn't realize it was only 8Gig storage. I bought a 64Gig SD card, installed it, mounted and synced it. Changed the storage options to SD card. But I'm still getting an error about not enough storage. I've gotten the little card icon that shows it recognizes there's a card installed. I'm not very tech savvy so I am sure it's something I'm not doing. (not used to a phone with portable storage)


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    Im not tech savvy either.
    But I would move some of your files, like photos,music, and documents to sd card, I would use file manager.
    Let us know how you did.
    And welcome to the ZTE community.

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    Thank you! I'll try anything but I only have about 10 photos on it and apps. Not near as many apps as I had on my iPhone 64gig. ????

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    You can move your music also.
    If you click on the phone part were you took the screen shot.
    It will tell you what is taking up your storage.
    Let us know

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    Thanks. No music on this either.

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    Here let me ask someone for help. @jimlloyd40 can you help @xradeu.
    As this is as much as I know. Thanks jim

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    @xradeu said:

    Wow you don't have anything on your device.
    The used space is probably the apps you have installed. Sorry to say ZTE does not allow us to move our apps to SD storage.

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    Hi @xradeu Welcome to the Z-Community

    The ZTE Champ, as you have found out, only has 8gb and it is also on the cheaper side of the smartphones so it does not support apps being moved to the sd card.

    Some ways to save space would be as @wings4annie suggested:

    • Move/Save all Music to the SD Card
    • Move/Save all pictures to the SD Card
    • Move/Save all downloaded files to the SD Card.

    Also I do not have the phone but there is an app on the Google Play Store that may help you..... (but I can not verify it.)

    AppMgr III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps)

    Please let us know if this helps.

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