How to Mirror Your Screen To A TV - ZTE Blade Z MAX

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@techright Shows You How To Mirror Your ZTE Blade Z MAX's Screen To A TV


  • Cast isn't listed in my Display settings. Do I need to update my software maybe?

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    @Meganomics85 said:
    Cast isn't listed in my Display settings. Do I need to update my software maybe?

    hi, @Meganomics85 , do you have the blade z max? The cast option should be there. Definitely update the software to see if that would fix your issue. Also, double check, the option is under setting-->display-->going all the way down is where you will find cast.

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    I have a Mitsubishi TV and as far as I can tell, it isn't a "SmartTV". With that being said; is there any other way to cart or screen mirror, without the use of any other devices?

    I don't want to have to go out and purchase another device. Therefore, what do you suggest that I can do?

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    @Shortis_Photo Unfortunately, without using a Chromecast or similar device there is no other option.

  • You will have to make sure Wifi is connected. The device you want to Mirror (Cast) must be connected to the same network. Hope this helps.

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    Always use my Roku premier without any issues.

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    I do not have cast in my display options and it shows no necessary updates. Please help

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    Would an Emerson TV work?

  • meganomics85 how did you solve your problem ? I have the same one

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    Cast is not on my display list either...What do I need to do??

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    @KathyAnnArnett said:
    Cast is not on my display list either...What do I need to do??

    hi, @KathyAnnArnett

    Do you have the Blade Z Max? I don't recall that the Blade Z Max is available on ATT network so unless you are using an unlocked Z Max on on ATT network or that your phone is a different model. The screencast feature depends on device (since it depends on the SoC) and not every device supports it. It is possible it is not something that your particular device supports.

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    I wish they would put a shortcut in the drop-down drawer it's a pain in the **** to get to Casting as you have to go into settings then display then scroll all the way to the bottom to find the cat feature it's my biggest gripe with this device

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    How to screen mirror my ZTE Blade z max to a tv

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    @rogelio1234 said:
    How to screen mirror my ZTE Blade z max to a tv

    Here's a good video on mirroring.

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    ZTE blade z max........u can only cast YouTube if ur using 5 GHz WiFi.. switch to 2 GHz then firesticks n mirroring works...ur welcome

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    Im on ATT internet.  Have a ZTE Z981. Phone is unlocked. Tv-TCL Roku. 

    To mirror the phone you must go to Display,  then turn on Cast.

    Sometimes the TCL device name is listed sometimes its not.  If it is listed click on the name and it will connect.  If its going to work you will know because at the top of the phone you will see an icon with a Q.  Representing MIRROR. 

    Everytime I see this icon the mirror works fine.  Problem is I dont know what variable X is causing the phone to read the TV successfully.

    Another way to share the screen is by using chrome browser,  then clicking the three dots and select share using WIFI DIRECT.

    But i prefer using Mirror,  but as of know its a guessing game as to how to actually get it to read the TCL each time.  Ive tried modifying location settings.  no help.  also if the device tv is listed under wifi direct 'remembered groups' then if u try to cast it will not work.  Yoi have to 'forget' the group and then try casting and it will work.

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    I was given this phone,  my last one cracked.  But in any event: HOW TO MIRROR SUCCESSFULLY.

    After much time and trial,  finally success.

    1) Mirror and casting are not the same.

    You no doubt will notice you can CAST from youtube using chrome browser just fine.  But when you go into Settings,  Display,  and Cast,  and turn on no devices are found.

    2) ZTE should of labeled CAST as MIRROR.

    3)Device I am mirroring to is a TCL ROKU 55
    Somtimes the mirror would show my tcl device and other times it would not.  I could not figure out the variable until today.

    *if you turn in CAST obviously your device name will populate ince it does click on the name and it will say connecting.  And on the ZTE you will see a square gray icon with a letter Q in it.  Mirroring displays really quick.  If the progress bar (purple)  gets hung its not going to work.  Chances are you need to go to WIFI DIRECT,  the device name will be listed there under 'remembered groups' click om the name and select 'forget'.   YOU CANT HAVE THE DEVICE LISTED IN BOTH PLACES OR IT WILL GET HUNG.

    Solution: i have been with charter spectrum time warner and now ATT FIBER.  Both routers have two different WIFI radios a 2.5ghz and a 5ghz.  The TCL will autoconnect to the 5ghz.  Most cell device auto connect. to 2.5ghz.  So that is why the mobile app is not seeing the broadcast of the TCL ROKU.

    Go into the settings of the router. Dont just start making changes without understanding the layout of your WIFI configuration screen.

    But in short,  disable or turn off the 5ghz radio,  the TCL then will connect to the 2.5 just like ur cell device and the problem is solved.

    MIRROR AWAY WITH KODI,  Use a vpn,  and get ur in theater movies on ur 55" screen with denon powered tower subs.  Awesome!
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