What harm might result from leaving my ZTE Citrine LTE plugged into AC power indefinitely?

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Here's why I'm asking: Amazon's Echo requires a companion mobile device in order to make calls. I bought the Echo for my 92 year old mom who will never (never) use the mobile phone -- it will just stay plugged in indefinitely next to the Echo. The Citrine LTE is almost the perfect companion the Echo IF I can just leave it plugged in. What harm (e.g. fire, dead battery, etc) might result?


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    @Bhuddles09 I don't have that specific device, so I would like to see if perhaps one of our CPAs @razor512 @coldheat06 also have to say. In my opinion, leaving devices like this plugged in indefinitely can't be great for the battery, and some may even heat up quite a bit. I don't think I would dare leave it plugged in long term as I would a lamp or other household appliance. Again that is just my opinion. Let's see what we can find out :)

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    @Bhuddles09 as @ironbaybeedoll stated it would not be good for the battery at all, but you can do it. I would recommend unplugging it at least every few days..... just to let the battery drain a little.

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    @Bhuddles09, if the device has a removable battery, you could remove the battery andleave it plugged in. That I think would be your best option if possible.

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    @hollap said:
    @Bhuddles09, if the device has a removable battery, you could remove the battery andleave it plugged in. That I think would be your best option if possible.

    The specific device in question does have a removeable battery, so if you aren't going to be using the phone on the go, and want to leave it plugged in without the battery, that would have no effect on the life of the battery.
    On the other hand, since the battery is replaceable, and if you decided to leave it in the phone and still keep it plugged in 24/7, then when or if the battery gets too worn down, it should be very cheap to replace.
    Even the whole phone costs $20 or less, so...
    I don't think the phone would catch fire or get too hot either.
    The phone may wear out prematurely too if it is going to be "active" 24/7, but it's anyone's guess how long that may take.
    In your situation, just removing the battery and keeping it plugged in 24/7 sounds like a doable scenario though.

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    @jimlloyd40 said:
    I have a Nexus 9 tablet that I'm typing this on and I have left it plugged into the charger 100 % of the time for the last 2 years. I couldn't find any definitive proof that when a battery is fully charged and still plugged in it is not using the battery anyway it's using the power from the AC outlet. But regardless my Nexus 9 tablet is fine after 2 years. Doesn't get hot whatsoever or cause any harm.

    Yes I don't think most devices use the battery when plugged in, but charging the battery 24/7 can harm the battery.
    On newer higher end devices, some of them use some type of charging management system, so that when the device reaches a full charge, it will stop charging for a period of time, then pick back up again later.
    It varies greatly from device to device, but in something like a cheaper Tracfone like the OP is using,
    I doubt it incorporates any charging management.

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    Many thanks for the responses -- all very helpful. Given there is that UL certified protective circuitry (thanks @jimlloyd40), I will rest easy knowing I can leave it plugged in indefinitely without the phone catching fire, as some phones are want to do. Fire/explosion was my bigger concern. Since she won't be using the phone out and about, I guess I don't care if the battery fails early. My Citrine LTE would not boot up without the battery installed, even while plugged in, so that is not an option, and I like my hair the way it is, so I don't want to try removing it while plugged in and booted up. Onward/upward!

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