Screen/display is separating from the body of the phone

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Had phone about 3 weeks and I noticed I could see the back light shining from the edge of the phone body. Upon inspection I found the screen on the left side was popping up. The phone has no damage, had never been dropped. Cricket would do nothing for me at the store, and phone support simply insisted it was physical damage. Called ZTE had a difficult time explaining but eventually was given an RMA#. Phone supposedly fixed. Less than 5 days after getting it back, the exact same problem has returned!

Not happy


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    @rg2017 please contact ZTE customer service once again and let them know that you are still experiencing the same issue.

    Adding in @zte_usa

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    Jimlloyd40 thanks..I have to admit I forgot about the possible protection from my credit card. Add for cricket they don't want to know about it, they just want to sell a new phone .

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    UPDATE: the ZTE support team/moderators (sshasan) read my post here and ZTE support contacted me. They provided me with a new RMA, pre-paid FedEx shipping and overnighted a replacement phone! The new phone is working well so far finger crossed.

    Thanks to the ZTE support team and blog moderators!

    One note on the downside, I called the number provided 1-877-817-1759 and each time, the people I spoke to seemed very confused, the first time I chose the option for Cricket and they could not find the new RMA. The second time (option 9 on the list) was a bit better, but the notes he had did not seem to reflect the phone messages I had been left. In the end, however, I had the new phone in less than 7 days!

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    5 months with the replacement phone -AND THE SCREEN IS SEPARATING FROM THE BODY AGAIN!!!
    UNBELIEVABLE. I am very sad, this a really good phone otherwise.

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