Axon 7 Mini audio player bug?

gweeper64gweeper64 United StatesPosts: 248 ✭✭✭✭✭

Hey folks, I just recently started having a problem playing back some particular MP3 files on my Axon 7 Mini.
It has only occurred twice so far and it has been with the Android Central podcast. I use Podcast Addict, which uses the phone's built-in audio player for playback. With Android Central Podcast 356, playback stops at around the 11:40 mark with a playback error of some kind. I am downloading the podcast from the RSS feed with Podcast Addict. It is possible there is something actually wrong with the file(s), but I haven't been able to determine that yet. The other possibility was that this was a new flaw that crept in with the latest security update.

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