I've used this case on my other phones before, and it's a very good one!

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edited October 18, 2017 7:05PM in Axon (A1P & Axon 7/Mini)

If you like the slimmer no bulk cases like I do which in fact I rarely even use a case and I know I'm just asking for trouble doing so. I found this case a couple years back and I've ordered it for pretty much all of my devices since then in Red always of course for me. They make it in a cool blue and a black as well. I just like Red. I ordered it just now for my axon 7 mini. I just found out that were making it for the the axon mini and I jumped on it. Now this is one case I'll use in a second. It's full protection but very thin and slim fitting. Shock absorber too. If you want a good case that gives you hardly any bulk then here's a good one. I'll attach a pic. It's made by J&D. Amazon is where I get mine.

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