PETITION for: CAMERA API2 Support, lets try!

PruikkiPruikki EarthPosts: 21 ✭✭✭✭✭

A petition has been made!, lets try to get this thru. Now is chance to take action

here it is, Feel Free to correct and help make it better.

"We want ZTE to add Camera Api2 support for Axon 7
why do we want it? it is easy to add! and axon 7 supports it, But is not enabled by ZTE yet.

"Camera API 2.0 is New API which allowing you much better camera control by camera apps and also increase the performance of camera.
Camera API 2.0 is fast enough to take advantage of the full resolution of the sensor at 30 fps-burst mode. This means HDR or other such computational photography should be much "cheaper" to do on Android devices. The new API also allows for much more fine-grained control of the sensor, lens and flash per individual frame"


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