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I purchased the Max XL from Boost online and have had it since Wednesday, October 25th. The device does not have Google Assistant. I downloaded it from the Google Play Store and it keeps saying, "We're still configuring your Google Assistant app. Please try again in a few minutes" Nothing ever happens. I thought that Google Assistant was supposed to roll out to all devices running Nougat? For some reason, I cannot get it to work on my Max XL. The Google feed widget does not load up any data either and has not since I have had the phone.


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    @jimlloyd40 On my last phone, which was the LG Stylo 2, I had the Google Assistant. I could say, "Good Morning Google," and it would say, "Good Morning, Roberta," and it would proceed to give me the weather for the day, how long it would take me to get to work, news updates, etc. I had already set up voice on this phone, the Max XL, and every time I say, 'Okay Google, show me my shopping list," it takes me to the search bar and the keyboard pops up. When I tell it to add something to my shopping list, it creates it in Google Keep, which it is no longer supposed to do, according to Google with the inception of the Google Assistant. When I tap the microphone on the Google search bar and say, "Good Afternoon Google," it comes back with "Hello, here's some things you can try," and it gives me a list. Google has the Google Assistant app in the Play store, but it will not install. I have compared the Google App and functions of both phones and my LG Stylo 2 is running Android 7.0 and was updated to Google Assistant. This phone (Max XL), which is running 7.1.1 is not. I need to know how to update it. Thanks for your response.

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    @jimlloyd40 I already set up Google Voice once I got the phone. When I go to the Google Play store to download the Google Assistant app, it downloads to the phone. It does not tell me that it is already installed, which is how I know it is not....

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    hi, @rcole13002 , you do not need to install any app from the play store to get google assistant. Just long press on the home button on the navigation bar and it should launch google assistant. Typically the first time you launch it, it will ask you to train the voice.

    If not, once you long press it to launch the google assistant, tap the upper right hand corner where you will see a tiny icon (with white icon and blue background to launch it full screen). here on the upper right hand corner, you will see 3 dots where you can go into setting to enable "Ok Googe" hotword detection (under setting--Phone).

    As for the shopping list, Google has removed that from Keep and it is now saved in Google home or Express.

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    @samsamha I have done all of that and it is not working nor is it installed. Thanks for your reply.

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    SOLUTION: I found the solution and wanted to post it here in case someone else has the same problem. I found a video n YouTube that gave instructions for"How to Enable Google Assistant on Any Android Smartphone," by going to the help menu in the Google app, clicking on the three dots in the upper right hand corner, tapping "View in Google Store," scrolling down to the section and clicking on becoming a beta tester. After doing that, I had to wait a few minutes for it to register. Then it allowed me to update the Goog;e app on my phone, then BAMM, I now have the Google Assistant! Hope this will help someone else.

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