The Red headed step Camera

Hello fellow zte owners and fans. I have something that has been bothering me for quite some time and was hoping that I could get a bit of insight on. I have recently made the change from the beautiful z Max pro to the blade z max. I've noticed a lot of upsides to the way the phone works with nougat. I truly appreciate the hard work zte has done, yet I am bothered. It has come to my attention that the camera has not been given the attention that it deserves. I have noticed some issues with how it is tuned. I have shot images in numerous different ways and have felt that it just can't focus that well. The second camera also tends to have a few struggles of it own but this is more understandable than our main camera. I don't say to cause any controversy within the community, this is merely speculative. Im also bringing this up to as little extra fuel to the software enhancement program.


  • @jimlloyd40 said:

    @justfernie it's going to obviously take some processing updates to improve it. In the meantime one thing that you can do is install the Google Photos app. Then after you take a picture go to the Google Photos app and click on "auto". Your picture will then look better.

    Thanks for finding interested in the thread, I'd rather not use filters because it doesn't really help the quality but if I do I guess I'll use Snapseed, It's far better than photos.

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