The Majesty Pro is my first ZTE device, and I'm having a problem or 2. I'm at 4 months after purchase, so yes, I have installed apps.

1] Stock clock app. Alarms are user defined. Alarm goes off. User swipes finger from clock icon to the dismiss side. Alarm sound stops. Lately (this did not happen when the phone was new), 5 minutes later, alarm goes off AGAIN (I'm in the shower). Spouse and owner both unimpressed. A different (later) alarm time performs exactly the same, I dismissed it but it snoozes instead. So far, every second dismiss is correct. Where will this end?

2] I'm typing into note taking apps. onscreen keyboard (stock keyboard app, no keyboard apps installed) offers a microphone. Tap microphone icon, hear 1 or 2 beeps, keyboard is covered by the Google voice recognition panel. I begin speaking, the spoken text appears in the note app, but it is all underlined (other Android 6 phones, text is not underlined, and those are always a single beep). I pause speaking to take a breath, I resume speaking, and everything that was already typed gets replaced by what I speak after the breath pause. Expected no underline, expected no erasure after breathing, as per Samsung Galaxy S5.

Between the 2 problems, I'd prefer a phone update to correct the doubling effects (alarm needs 2 dismissals, voice recognition beeps 2 times). Knowing that a phone update will not happen simply because I'm asking, I'll eventually do a factory reset. Which is unfortunate, because progress in games won't be saved (Google Play doesn't save progress for all games), and also I am forced to only reinstall updated apps which now have added features that I will never use, is more bloated, has been confusingly reconfigured, etc.

So, If you want to add to this topic, feel free.

What will stop these issues?


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    Also, I forgot to mention that when I am in a note taking app (Google documents, Evernote, mms message), I can capture a fresh photo. One photo is inserted into the note or text, but my gallery has saved 2 photos.
    This doubling process happens every time.

    Anyone besides me see a pattern here?

  • I did a factory reset, which I despise doing, and many of the doubles have ended. Same apps were reinstalled (automagically by Google Play), so I'm confused. Battery life may have improved.

    Alas, still no fan of Android.

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