A spill Grand x 4 Touch Screen Unresponsive

I have the worse luck with phones. I placed the phone on a shelf hoping for better reception. Then I put my coffee right on top of it. The coffee barely spilled into the case and the screen still worked when I took the phone out to dry. Cut to the chase: I've done the factory reset, wipe, reboot, etc and was reading about rooting or flashing ....of course can't get into the settings for the correct mode. I was hoping there was a way to reinstall the firmware or load some software to reset the thing. Taking my files and pics was simple. But that was as far as could get, USB connection to PC. It boots up fine but can't get past the Google account Welcome screen. I tried to figure out how to connect a mouse to it but had the wrong OTG adapter and I suspect a wrong C USB cable was given to me as well. Suggestions? The replacement was a Polaroid phone and tragically met the white screen of death a week later. Any ideas there? I depend on a phone in current living situation. I'm using my old LG with chips and cracked screen and other damages. I can't afford to get another phone right now.

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