Z6200 syncup device API document

wnetflix2017wnetflix2017 Santa Clara, CA, USAPosts: 1

We are developing an application in which we need to get GPS location from Z6200 using WiFi hotspot. Gateway is running an HTTP server, is there any API document or reference manual for internal URL's which can give GPS data something similar to http://api.amber360.com/Help/Api/POST-api-Obd-OBDTracking

Thanks for your kind help...


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    Hello, will this device be a plug and play like what T-MOBILE has or will it just be for phones

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    We're in the same boat. We want to get the data that comes from the SyncUp Drive and use it in our app. The client's service provider, Telus, is failing on support so there's no help there. I can't think we're the first developers who want to use the data in an app.

    Does anyone have any pointers on where to uncover technical documents?

    Thanks in advance,

    Shawn DeWolfe


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    Que tal tienes buenas tardes alguna información

    De la información del GPS saludos

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