zte blade v8 pro screeching sound with bluetooth

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My ZTE Blade V8 Pro periodically starts making a screeching noise when connected to bluetooth. When this happens, and I disconnect bluetooth, the sound continues through the phone's speaker.

This may be related to the "Dolby Audio" setting. I keep disabling this setting, and it keeps getting enabled somehow.

When I disable "Dolby Audio" and reboot, the problem goes away for a while, then it recurs. When it does, it seems that somehow the "Dolby Audio" setting has been re-enabled.

I've read numerous reports of this problem, with no replies from actual ZTE employees. Can I get an "official" answer from ZTE?

Has anyone had any luck getting this issue fixed under warranty? I really don't know if this is a defect with my phone, or all ZTE Blade V8 Pro phones.


Eric Terrell


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    I have the same issue. I am on bluetooth calls a lot, and ever since I switched to the ZTEBlade v8 pro about 2 months, the people on the other end have complained that they hear screeching sound intermittently. I also hear similar sounds intermittently when the people on the other end speak. I have just disabled 'Dolby Audio', based on the above comment. Thank you!

    I am looking for confirmation about the issue, and other ways to resolve this issue, in case the 'Dolby Audio' gets enabled involuntarily.
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    I get the same problem as Eric. The 'Dolby Audio' setting is automatically turned on. Moreover, I continue to hear the screeching sound with or without the 'Dolby Audio' setting enabled. Moreover the person on the other end of the call also hears garbled voice. I'd appreciate ideas from anyone who faced this issue and were able to successfully rectify it. I am on my phone a lot in the car, so this is a critical issue for me. Thank you!
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