Disable 2.4 and 5Ghz main Wifi channels on MF279


I recently got a MF279 setup with AT&T and would like to know if anyone has found a way to disable the main Wifi channels on this device. In Administration you can disable the guest channels, but not the mains. They only allow you to disable broadcasting the SSID on the mains, but it doesn't turn off the radio. I have a different router attached to the ethernet out port for more advanced routing purposes and I'd like for that to serve up our Wifi without any interference with the MF279. I talked with ZTE support and they referred me here. I'm not sure if disabling that feature is a super user thing only AT&T can provide. Any help or thoughts are appreciated.



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    @wkellen has that same device, I would expect that he could help you rather quickly.

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    In looking through the manual, there does not seem to be an option to completely shut the WiFi off in the web UI.

    Though if needed, you could set it to use WPA2 security, and assign it a complex 60 character password (use any random character generator that you like).
    for example, https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm

    After that, disable the SSID broadcast.

    Once that is done, the radio will will rarely transmit, and it will have no measurable impact on the performance of other near by access points. Furthermore since it is likely using a more mobile WiFi chipset for power savings, it will likely have a very low power state when no clients are connected. The transmit power is also far lower than a standard access point, so if it does transmit anything, it will not be an cause any frames to be re-transmitted by any other access points or client devices that are very close to it.

    Beyond that, since these devices get periodic firmware updates, it is still best to look through every page of the web UI, as well as checking if there are any debugging functions or any options to connect to the unit via telnet, as in that case, it may be possible to simply type in a command to turn the WiFi radios off.

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