SD Card Limitations!

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Hi everyone! I just thought you should be made aware that the Blade Pro V8 64gb DOESN'T ALLOW you to move programs to your SD card! The only thing that your card will store is media! So if you need your phone to work ALL those apps you need for your office and home and personal life, you better pray they don't occupy more than 64gb of total space! This is specific to this phone! And it's a real deal breaker for me! Good luck to everyone else who purchased this phone!


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    The Blade V8 Pro doesn't have adoptable storage built into it's software. So your SD card cannot store your apps. You can set the SD Card for media as you stated and the default place for photos.

    I didn't even know there was a 64GB version of the V8 Pro released in the USA. I thought it was only 32GB version.

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    This is the case with all newer versions of android. the only officially supported method that allows for storing some app data on a micro SD card, is if the app itself allows for part of its data to be stored on the micro SD card (e.g., some offline GPS applications do this), or if you enable the adoptable storage (where the card is formatted as internal storage.

    There is a downside to adoptable storage though, Even with the fastest micro SD cards, they do not come anywhere close to the storage IOPS of the internal NAND on a smartphone, thus if adoptable storage is used, you will significantly reduce the IO performance of the device. while some common tasks will not be impacted, tasks which are IO intensive, or tasks that need a higher queue depth of both reads and writes simultaneously, will experience a significant slowdown.

    The only technology that comes close to solving this issue, is the use of UFS cards which no device currently supports, and no company currently sells.

    The faster the base device is, the more of a performance impact you will notice when using adoptable storage.

    This should give you more info on the adoptable storage.

    It can be forced over ADB, but it is not recommended, especially for faster smartphones where much of that price premium you pay goes to not only using a faster SOC, but also higher end NAND and a storage controller for higher IO performance.

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    Just wanted to chime in this is definitely not exclusive to just this phone. Adoptable storage is not supported by many brands.

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