** SOFTWARE UPDATE: Axon 7 A2017U now on B35 **



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    @razor512 said:
    I have not experienced that issue, aside from when I was testing some unstable firmware for my router (DHCP issues). One of the things to test when you are not getting WAN connectivity, is to see if you are able to access the router's web UI while connected to the AP. if so, then the issue is likely with the router. If you cannot access the routers web UI (often or then use an application such as phone tester to see if the DHCP server is actually assigning your phone an IP address.

    (Check if while connecting if you are getting an IP address for a second or 2, or if you get a strange one that eventually disappears)

    PS, also check if you are using a WiFi range extender, as some extenders with a dedicated backhaul, may sometimes make clients appear as if they have a different MAC address in order to reduce the likelihood that the router will drop the connection when roaming between the extender and the main AP, though if you have a very restrictive network, sometimes you can end up with port forwards not following the client device across both APs.

    Found the issue. Turns out that my firewall (untangle) was blocking access to the site that android uses to validate internet connectivity, because it was overseas somewhere. I was using a firewall rule that blocks everything incoming and outgoing outside of the US (for malware purposes.) I had to loosen it up a little, and that resolved the issue. Thanks for the reply & thoughts!

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