Axon 9 leaked finally?

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If so, it looks amazing, but a few things are missing. Fingerprint scanner? Will it be under the screen? Where are the speakers, In the back under the Axon branding?!


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    I hope not. Looks like a cheap imitation. No dual front facing speakers. No finger print sensor. I'm not interested. And I don't like blue for a phone :)

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    Speakers do look like they are in the back. But I hope they get rid of the capacitive keys below the screen and switch to on screen ones that can be hidden. Those cap keys will be hard to work with too

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    There's already a thread identical to this one. Please paste comments there.

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    A friend of mine who purchased the Galaxy S8+, has on screen button burn-in that is visible while playing full screen video, or solid colors.
    With AMOLED displays there is simply no way to avoid it unless you get rid of them entirely and go completely gesture based like with ancient Web OS 3.0.

    The issue with on-screen buttons is that even if they can be hidden, people tend to not want to hide them and over time you get burn-in. Unlike IPS where it takes an extremely long time for burn-in to happen, and even longer for it to become permanent, AMOLED never recovers from burn-in.

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    Duplicate Thread. Locked

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