multiple brand new sd cards claimed corrupted on my max z

Hi I'm not good with how forums work but I tried to research it. I had originally had a 32 gig sd card in the phone worked fine, but replaced it with a 128 one(identical to the one in my fathers phone no issues on his which is why I'm confused) I've tried 3 different scandisk 128 cards. all of them tell me corrupted, one made it through to move data over screen then it suddenly says sd card removed insert new one, there were other errors but they flashed on the screen so quickly I was only able to get few words from the error message, one said command 14 then followed with numbers and the other said java utility with numbers. These all worked in my fathers phone, just fine so I'm beginning to think its my phone. I'm checking here just in case I've missed something. Things I have tried: trying each sd card in a similar phone purchased at the same time, resetting the entire phone to factory settings, formatting on other phone, formatting on pc, cleaning them with isopryl alcohol. I'm at a lost for whats wrong. If any one can help I greatly appreciate it. other relevant info I've only had the phone for about 6 weeks.


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    Just to clarify your situation... when you take the sd cards and put them in a different phone or your pc, do they work ok in those devices, but only have issues with your Blade Z Max?
    If so then you may be right about the phone being the issue. If the cards were corrupted, they should also have issues with other devices.

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    ^ Yes that reminds me of another point I meant to ask about...
    Does the BZM officially support 128GB SD cards? Not all phones do, and if 32GB and/or 64GB cards work fine, then that could be the reason why.

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    · The Blade Z Max provides up to 32GB of internal memory to store your precious photos, videos, music, and more.
    · But if that isn’t enough, you can easily expand the memory with a 128GB microSD card.

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