Blade ZTE X Max Photo Question

This is my first ZTE phone. Can the ZTE Blade X Max rotate multiple pictures at once? I do not understand WHY the camera will rotate the pictures I am taking to the SIDE when I held the camera straight up. So if I take 30 pictures and ALL of them got turned to the side and I didn't turn the phone that way, why can't I select all 30 at one time and then rotate them? Unless I am missing something I have to go in to the photo settings on the phone and rotate each INDIVIDUAL picture one at at time. Please tell me that there is way to rotate multiple pictures at once. Can this phone do that? I thought it would be a basic feature. My last phone could do it no problem.


  • jasonejasone United StatesPosts: 1,903 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I have a Blade Z Max which is very similar and unfortunately I cannot find a way to rotate multiple photos at once using the Gallery app or Google Photos. I'm curious, when you're taking these photos are they with the camera pointing down at a table or the ground?

    That is the only time I ever have a photo rotate wrongly when I take photos with any phone. I often have to tap on the side to make sure it changes orientation or start with it pointing straight in front of me and then slowly tilt it down.

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    In most cases yes I am standing over the item but that is most things if you are going to photo something UNDER the phone directly or do a close up of it. I am surprised such a simple feature is not in this phone. ZTE in their press conference and video on youtube claims to be 'innovators' in the smartphone industry. Should this be so then simply being able to rotate multiple pictures I thought was just a base feature in most phones anyway. I know you are not saying that I should make sure that I 'turn' the camera a certain way to omit even having this option in the first place? I truly understand that if the camera turns then the item will not be lined correctly in the gallery. What I am saying is that i AM holding the camera in the correct position or the phone in the correct upright position. That still doesn't supplement the reason that this small function isn't on the phone.

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