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Request to ZTE developers for Axon 7 phone. Please, I am not using such app as a Dropbox, I simply don't need it, since there are many other cloud storages with much better interface and much cheaper. And I don't understand why you glued this app to the OS. Please, allow people to delete it, if they don't need it. Truly hope you will hear me in next Orio update. Thanks.


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    As @jimlloyd40 suggested.... you can disable it in the App Settings if you like.

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    @westside80 said:
    You can disable it but you can't uninstall it. There's a difference. Uninstalling also frees up space. Disabling doesn't. I would say Dropbox will be dropped once Oreo arrives.

    Disabling can also free up space. It just depends on how the phone's software is structured.
    It's kind of trivial though IMO when you have a device with plenty of storage space like the Axon 7.
    Personally I would like a device where all apps aside from the most essential ones can be deleted,
    but I don't think there's a smartphone that exists like that.

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