Bluetooth issues with my Blade Max

RavishalBRavishalB United StatesPosts: 1

I recently acquired a Blade max from my local Cricket Dealer but unfortunately, it developed a serious flaw. My Bluetooth connections began failing and then the phone would no longer connect to any Bluetooth device. For example, when I tried to sync to my car or PCs, my phone would not display the 6 digit number pushed to it. I did a factory reset and the problem went away for two days, Now it's back. My devices do connect to other smartphones, so I know it's my ZTE. Is this a terribly common flaw with this phone?

Of course, Cricket only has a 7-day return policy and my flaw exposed itself on day 8. Silly me passed on phone insurance. I've gotten an RMA number from ZTE, so I'll be without a phone for 2 weeks.

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