Android Based Video Editing Apps

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This may be directed at You Tube content creators, or anybody who uses their phones for editing videos. My wife wants to start a You Tube page, and wants a easy to use video editing app to run on her Axon 7 that will allow her to do basic things like: Add background music, add text titles, bring two video clips together into a single file etc...

I have never been big on video, and looking in the Play Store, there seem to be a lot of options out there. What do you use and what do you recommended? She doesn't want to get to fancy, so a simple app that covers the above will do. Free is a plus, but open to an app purchase if needed.


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    It's possible that @mrjlwilliams might have some insight into this subject. I've used ActionDirector Video Editor, KineMaster, PoweDirector, and Filmora are all pretty good apps. Here is an article that has the links and descriptions to the ones I mentioned above. Good luck to you and your wife on the YouTube endeavor.

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    I use and PowerDirector, its one of the closest options to a NLE video director with a simple UI on a smartphone. If your wife wants something even simpler she can try Adobe's video editor on Google Play.

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    Trying out Vlogit now

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