Z799VL: Using a Micro SDHC UHS-1 32 GB as internal storage.

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device is debloated via this method: https://community.zteusa.com/discussion/52603/how-to-debloat-a-zte-phone#latest
safelink carrier
android 6.1os
I google searched "Format sd as internal" and followed the android pit instructions
exactly. Getting error:
4-1-18 Update
It is not recommended to do this due to how memory would be allocated after the merge. LOL we just have to buy an actually decent phone LOL And cast aside the free device from the gubment... #SMH


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    A couple people on this forum have claimed to have done it. I just need someone to pm me how they did it....

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    Which file system is the card currently formatted to?

    Have you also tried the sm set-force-adoptable true command?

    Some devices require that to be set to true during the setup process, and then set back to false after the setup.

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    could you be more specific on how to do that @razor512
    format is FAT32 @razor512

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    The process can vary by phone, thus some guides may work for some phones but not for others. I do not have that specific model of smartphone, so I am unsure which one is sure to work for you.

    The guides at stack overflow are usually better in these cases, e.g., one user needed to use a slightly different approach to get it working. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38044532/how-to-turn-a-portable-sd-card-into-internal-storage-via-adb-command

    Though it is important to consider that adoptable will reduce your overall performance as it has a significant IOPS penalty. The internal NAND is significantly faster than a micro SD card, but if storage mediums get pooled together, then overall performance will get reduced close to the level of the micro SD card.

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    Thank you all so much!

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    @jimlloyd40 I decided not to do the reformat and I am currently researching how to run .apk files from external memory, If that is even possible.

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    I was bored so I tried to reformat the sd card as internal memory. Still can not get it to work LOL

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