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please move as needed. Is the ZTE and/or ZTE-ATT device designed to pick up an internet network via its built in antenna? Just as my wifi adapter does for my desktop? Standard cordless phone with ans machine as the one phone used? Voice mail optional in this case? I can only use this if my questions are correct. [email protected] Thanks


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    If using a 4G LTE hotspot or router, then they will have a set of internal antennas (in main cases, 2 LTE antennas, and 2 internal PIFA or LDS WiFi antennas, with the option to attach external WiFi antennas if needed.

    If you are attempting to effectively use a cellphone as a house phone, then in many cases, you will need a cordless phone system that offers features such as Link2Cell that panasonic does (many companies have their own names for it, but in every case, it is the base station acting as a Bluetooth headset that can pass the signal to all other phones, as well as access the contacts list. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BP7SW0C/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=

    Those devices effectively allow you to use a cellphone to replace a land line as long as the phone is in range of the base station.

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    I believe @rtrg is talking about the AT&T Home Base which is made by ZTE and provides home phone and internet service over the AT&T mobile network. I've used one of these before and it does use internal antennas for the AT&T network.

    I used it for internet and it was fast and worked well. I made and received very few calls with it. The calls worked fine but I didn't try out voicemail with it but according to the link above it is supported.

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    Hello, everyone, I just wanted to know the availability of this new axon7 phone and if it's compatible with U.S boost or Sprint networks yet?

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