Volume and bass decrease when locking phone (ZTE Zmax Champ)

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I've had the Zmax Champ for a few weeks now and its been working great, but i started having an odd issue a few hours ago. I had unistalled Spotify and had started adding music from my pc to my SD card through USB. I had noticed that whenever i locked my phone the volume and bass would decrease. When i unplugged my headphones the opposite happened, whenever the screen was on the volume was super low and when it was off it was normal. I've tried some things, even factory resetting the phone, to no avail. One thing i noticed though it that when i was using the bone stock version of google play music the issue wasn't there but when it updated the problem came back. Also side note this issue occurs on both google play music and the stock music app.


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    I do not have that specific device, but I there are things that can be checked.

    Does the device have dolby atmos or dolby audio settings?

    If so, then check if the equalizer settings have changed, since the dolby software tends to sometimes change audio presets depending on the apps you are running, and the audio devices connected to the smartphone.
    For example, if dolby audio switches from the music profile, to the movie profile, you will get a significant drop in bass and volume.

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    The device does have Dolby Audio, tried playing around with the settings but no bueno.

    Edit: Okay i fiddled around with the settings some more and it now longer changes the volume when i unlock and lock the phone without headphones, but it still does it when i plug my headphones in.

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    For the headphones, when you connect a wired or wireless pair to the phone, it will drop the volume until you increase it manually again and dismiss a warning about loud volumes.

    If the EQ changes then heck if the dolby atmos settings changed, if not, then check in Android settings > sound settings, and see if it offers a Headset hi-fi option.

    If it has it, then that mode bypasses all other EQ settings.

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    Well i feel like an idiot now, clearing the data on Dolby Audio fixed it lol

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