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My wife and I both have Axon 7 phones and AT&T cell phone service. Have had AT&T for several years now and the Axon phones for about 9 months with no problems and we both love the phones. Last week we have had no service at home, service stops about a 1/4 mile from our house and under about phone sims settings it says Cellular Network Status Disconnected. Cannot call out or receive calls. Phone works perfect away from home. AT&T says nothing has changed with their towers and we must just be in a dead zone. Recommended using wifi calling which we cannot with this phone and they do not sell the microcell boosters anymore. Next step they said was buying a new wifi supported phone.

Thinking of trying another cell carrier that will support this phone, which we are leary of as not sure how this phone works with other carriers. Have great coverage with AT&T but at home now and make most calls from there. Looking for suggestions from other Axon 7 owners.



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    For your current service, iif the signal suddenly changes, I recommend checking LTE discovery (it will ask for 2 permissions in order to function properly).

    It should show if there are any other cell towers near you.

    If there are a number of towers near you, you could check in your android settings and look for the dual SIM settings, and then for SIM slot 1 (if using 1 service provider then it is best to use the first slot).

    You should then find a Network operators setting, there you should be able to search for networks to see what is in range of you.

    That search can take a while but it will show which options you have for service providers.

    If you had good service in your area prior to this issue,the I recommend if possible, trying an older phone just to rule out anything device specific, and if both have the same issue, then the issue could potentially be a localized issue with one of the towers in your area.

    PS if it finds an AT&T tower, then try restarting the phone to see if it would connect to that tower then.

    If it always had issues, then you could potentially switch to a different provider, though it is important to compare plans. for best overall performance and compatibility, t-mobile works really well in areas where they provide good coverage, though their 'One" plan can be quite pricey if you do not need unlimited data.

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    @clarkcc I had similar issue for couple of times. Not sure if you tried putting your phone in airplane mode. If not, please try that. This has resolved my issue.

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    ATT customer service wouldn't know specifically if something has changed on a particular tower or not. This would have to get escalated to to network/tower engineers, and they rarely offer that. We can get in direct touch with these folks because of our state contact through work and things do change sometimes from my experience and they make adjustments. They just don't do this for regular customers very often though.

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    Thanks everyone for your assistance. Have tried everything to no avail, except on the LTE Discovery app it had a place for Restart Cell Radio One Time, and have not tried it. Wondering if that would mess with other settings on the phone. Tried the sims card on an Axon M that I won during the Christmas giveaway, and an older Samsung Galaxy phone. and both doing the same as the two Axon 7’s. We are on prepaid AT&T as I do not like contracts so I could move to another carrier. Like what I see with T-mobile and their 55 older plan as I do fit into that category, so might have to rethink the contract issue. I have just heard T-mobile does not have the best coverage and we do travel a lot and always had coverage until now at home with AT&T.

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    The restart cell radio is pretty much the same as putting the phone in and out of airplane mode. If other devices are having the same issue, then it is likely an issue with the tower.

    Typically to get a cell company to do something about a tower issue, you need to call and complain a number of times until you get a CSR who is willing ti escalate the issue, then often in a few weeks, they may send someone out to check on the issue, and if enough people in the area complain, or start requesting those microcells (if offered for free in many cases).

    In the case of Verizon, they got tired of the complaining and began installing a tower on the top of a nearby building in my area (took a pic while it was being installed).

    Only issue is that it is a process that takes many weeks or a few months for a cell company to decide to take larger steps in fixing a signal issue.

    An alternative is to search for other carriers in the area and see which has the strongest signal, and then see if they have affordable plans.

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    If you have same issue with other two phones then the problem is definitely due to ATT's coverage. Not too sure if switching carrier would help you if you are just in the fringe of the network. If you have a friend that has t-mo sim you could borrow to test would be useuful. Since you are on prepaid, you could always try it and see how is your coverage with T-Mobile is at home.

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    Hello clarktcc,
    Clearly AT&T has a problem with the tower near you, unfortunately nothing you can fix...
    I used to be with AT&T long time ago and 6... 7 years ago I switched, I got T-mobile prepaid (way more benefits for less money). During the last 3 years, I saw a lot of coverage improvement not only inside big cities (like New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Cleveland, LA, San Francisco...), but also all over rural areas (like CT, NH, VT, MA, PA...).
    However, 10 months ago I switched from T-mobile to Ultramobile (a T-mobile MVNO). The service is on T-mobile network, and I have all international calls included, and very cheap international calls roaming.
    Wi-fi calling works perfectly not only in the USA but international too (I used myself wi-fi calling in Mexico, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Romania).
    If you're interested to sign-up with Ultramobile, please check first, you can get the Ultramobile $29/month plan with $220 per year by paying in advance (meaning $18.33/month). This is only one time promotional plan.
    Axon 7 has great 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE capabilities on T-mobile's network, including VoLTE.
    Hope this helps.

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    Try Mintsim. They are an MVNO that uses T-Mobile. You can try out their 3 month $15 per month plan and see if you like it. No contract. They also offer a 7 day full refund if it doesn't work for you. I liked them so much that I recently paid for 1 year. And no I do not work for Mintsim or T-Mobile. I had nothing but trouble with AT&T.

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    Same here for mintsim! I did the buy 3 get 3 last year around December so my plan doesn't expire till June 19th! Mintsim is really good even though they use T-Mobile (but they have gotten better) and I haven't had a problem with them at all! I do not work for Mintsim but if I did I wonder if I'd get a discount to make it even cheaper lol.

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    Just wanted to thank everyone again for your assistance. Went to another AT&T store in town, as we have three, and asked if maybe the sim cards could be bad since Best Buy cut our old ones when we purchased the phones to fit. They said maybe and installed new ones and tested phones out okay. Got home and phones did the same thing, no calling or receiving calls. As before everything else works great. Playing around I did notice if I turned the wifi off on the phone the cellular network status would then say connected, turn wifi on then disconnected. Tested on a public wifi and same thing. Even doing this at home still cannot call. Have tried everything but factory reset and really do not want to do and lose everything on phone. I guess carrier change is next.

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    Back everthing up on one phone, reset it. Worth a shot. Not much u actually lose these days with all the cloud storage options. You have two phones, so it's worth doing the process on one to save u the pain of switching carriers.

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    When doing a factory reset do you leave the sims card in or remove it? Thanks

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    @clarktcc said:
    When doing a factory reset do you leave the sims card in or remove it? Thanks

    You can leave them in.

  • clarktccclarktcc Vero Beach, FloridaPosts: 15 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Last update I hope. We did nothing to our phones, no factory reset, and starting Saturday they are working perfect again from the house and everywhere.

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    Assuming there was a tower issue then. Glad it's fixed.

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