How to query and set current mode

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Hello, I noticed the camera app seems to disable “rear facing” when the screen is only slightly opened even if it is in “single” mode. However, in the developer guide it only talks about querying for screen resolution (from which I could find out if I were in extended or dual mode). But if the device is in single mode the resolution is the same right? Does anyone know how an app can query for the current mode and or level of “opened” the second screen is?

Also, is there a way to force modes, for example I notice camera apps can go to the back screen even when it is closed. I’m assuming this is just done automatically when java “opens” the rear facing camera.Is there a non camera way to force which screen is used even when the device is closed? Also, is there a way to use both screens when the device is closed?


To be more clear, I'm asking about things a developer could do in their app's sourcecode to specifically make use of this phones hardware. Is there an specific part of the API I should look at?


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    hi, @dawnoftherent

    I am pretty sure that the way the camera is behaved is due to the fact that there is only 1 camera on the unit so it will always default to the front camera when the screens are opened. Since there is only 1 camera module on the unit, the resolution would be identical if you are using it as front (selfie) or rear. The default camera app does not let you use the rear mode when it is opened but I tried a few camera apps from the playstore where you could use the app with the phone opened (if you enabled dual screen mode I have tried in A/B and A/A mode). It's not perfect but it does work. I am not aware of the option to adjust the level of "openess" at the moment.

    As for force the screen as primary screen or turned on. I am not aware such option at the moment. The Axon M always default to the front screen when it is closed. This is something that has been recommended to ZTE by many people in the forum so maybe if we are lucky we may see it in the future with a software update (or maybe next generation of Axon M)

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