Can't attach photos to text

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edited April 26, 2018 12:31AM in Blade Z MAX

Hello everyone....weird problem here. Any suggestions appreciated.

Using Google messenger as default. When I try to attach photo via "+" > Gallery....the list of photos appear as normal. If I look closely, some of the photos have rounded corners and some are perfectly square (90 degree corners). The ones with round corners will attach normally to a text, the ones with squared corners do nothing (no response when selected). There is no obvious difference between the pics - taken at same time, same size, etc. between the round and square cornered pics.

The photos will all attach fine if I go to Gallery first and select for messaging, and also attach fine with the original default messenger app.

Another weird observation is that some photos seem to switch between square and round cornered (so, unattachable and attachable) after open and closing the app. This is difficult to trace though and I haven't seen a pattern.

Thanks for any help....

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