Can I retrieve texts from broken screen phone and upload to computer?

MindBodySoulMindBodySoul United StatesPosts: 2 ✭✭

My Qlink ZTE N8185 screen broke on my phone and nothing is visible. But when I plug it in to the computer usb it allows me to get the pictures from the phone. I have a very important legal issue going on and all of the texts are stuck on this phone. Any ideas? Willing to pay for program. Your help is appreciated very much. Thanks ~Cherri


  • MindBodySoulMindBodySoul United StatesPosts: 2 ✭✭
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    The products I tried want my phone to be a Sgalaxy and others don't support the phone either. The phone is a zte N818S not the number 5. WHat android is this phone anyone know? Its one of those lifeline phones aka Obama phone. Is there a program out there? I am having trouble finding info on this phone. Its an exclusive with Qlink. And my phone isn't being recognized when I do the steps on a program. But the phone is accessible in computer - Portable Devices. It opens the phone to DCIM and Pictures. Pictures shows two pics and a messages folder thats empty. The DCIM shows more Camera photos and the other a thumbnail folder with two pics. Can someone please please help. Thanks

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