Axon 7 Oreo Beta Rom

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Are the people involved in Beta testing the official Oreo rom stilk bound by the NDA? Woukd be nice if any of them release at least the official beta oreo as seems there will be no final official oreo update (as per latest news about the company shutting down global operations / ota servers)


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    Well most of the beta testers, like 3 or 4 I know of, still won't release it even though the NDA is breached because they speak of it even if it's by accidental purposes. I've been a beta tester of multiple brands and it states you cannot reveal a status of the beta testing to others. My uncle works for ZTE in Texas and I'm not under a NDA but it's not good just hinting.

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    To be honest, do you really want to run an unreleased Beta for daily driver? The last Nougat is pretty stable. The best thing is if devs get the Oreo Beta and use it to build good custom ROMs that will get regular updates.
    I'd personally love to see an OmniROM Oreo.

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    I'd like an open source Oreo that's documented and clean enough to be maintained by more than one or two people with inside information. ZTE's ROM has constant problems with WiFi and cellular dropping or going dead. I'd use Lineage if only it supported WiFi calling (or if T-Mo's Digits gets cleaned up). There are no cell signals where I work - just WiFi.

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    Thing is latest beta would be almost clear of bugs, also if the rom would out, both custom roms based on official and on aosp would out. The reason for asking is that currently not sure if we will ever get oreo official final, so better a beta (we can take and fix) than nothing...

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