Heaphone port

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I bought a ZTE Spro 2 last summer which has been working fine until recently. One day out of the blue I plugged in my speakers into the headphone jack and instead of the sound transferring from the device to the speakers it continued to come from the device. I tested out several sets of headphones and another set of speakers with the same results. I contacted T-Mobile and set up a warranty exchange. I got my new ZTE Spro 2 in two days. When I open the box and tested the headphone jack I had the same problem. The sound would not transfer from the device to the headphones. Instead the sound continues to come out of the device. I again tried several pairs of headphones and one pair of speakerswith the same results. I called T-Mobile again and set up another warranty exchange. Today I picked up the 3rd ZTE Spro 2 and couldn't believe that I found myself with the exact same problem yet a third time. Sound does not transfer from the device to whatever is plugged into the headphone jack. Instead sound will only come from the device. Although it is absolutely not a solution I did try to use my Bluetooth as an alternative way to access my speakers but I was confronted with a new problem. The Bluetooth will not work when the device is an HDMI mode . Furthermore, when I am not connected to HDMI and I am using the Bluetooth the audio is delayed by more than 10 seconds. From my research I know this Bluetooth issue is a common one with many Bluetooth devices however the problem with the headphone port is a frustrating me greatly. You have no idea how much it takes away from the experience when I'm watching a projected movie on a big screen and I'm stuck with the speakers on the projector itself. No one can seem to tell me anything about what the problem is. Please help!

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