Stop the screen from constantly moving back and front because of camera

smibasmiba NetherlandsPosts: 1

Hi! I know ZTE is as good as dead at the current moment, I was actually hoping that at one point an update would be released to address this but I guess I have to look into other options!

I have the ZTE Axon M and while I like the phone I can't work with it as call the camera API it will turn its active screen to the back. This is really annoying for applications such as Telegram which when you press the Attachment button it will show a little camera preview which triggers the screen rotation.
Same for other applications like snapchat or whatsapp, I'm constantly dancing around from display to display because of the camera, I can't work with it!

Is there any way to manually trigger screen rotation for the camera? Or otherwise to force the "front-camera" setting to be used first and only when its explicitly requested to use the back camera that I will move screens?



  • MistergouMistergou Chattanooga, TnPosts: 23 ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can turn off permissions for camera on the problem applications, I had similar issues as well.

    Not sure how to make it default to front facing other than before you exit using the camera normally leaving it in the front facing position... I love the concept of this phone but all the little qwerks have been driving me nuts cant wait to replace it with something else.

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