Junk watch.

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I think I may have bought a junk watch...I got it from a seller on eBay for $75....the first time I charged, it took about 6 hours for a full charge, went to 2% by then next morning, and today it said it would take 13 hours to charge! Also I’m on metro PCs so I cannot make calls...really regret buying this watch!


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    Check to make sure the contacts on the watch and charger aren't dirty or damaged. They can be genty cleaned with alcohol and a cotton swab if necessary.

    Sometimes the charger can go bad, so it may need replaced. If ZTE has them in stock, they can be purchased directly from ZTE.

    Since the watch is a T-Mobile device, it can only be used with T-Mobile accounts with the built in SIM. However it still works great when paired with your smartphone and can be used used the same as any smartwatch that doesn't have a SIM card. You can still receive calls on the watch through your phone as long as your phone is connected via Bluetooth.

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