Troubleshooting brand new Z971 Blade Spark

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Hope someone can help troubleshoot. Just started using my BRAND NEW Z971 Blade Spark and having a plethora of issues. Might be something I have done that can be corrected (hopefully), otherwise, it is so bad that I may have to abandon it (after only 1 month of use). Did my homework and read [generally good] reviews before buying two for family members; both phones are having serious issues. Sorry for such an extensive list; in advance, thanks for any and all help that you can provide!

Most pressing problems (in order of importance):

  1. Horrible outgoing sound quality on calls. We can hear fine through the phone speakers; the party at the other end says that outbound audio is totally garbled, cutting in and out (BOTH phones we own). Took off protective case just in case it was blocking microphone; no change. So bad, avoiding making calls.

  2. When using search function to locate text messages, receive error message "messaging keeps stopping close app" or "messaging has stopped open app again". Find that if I type REALLY slow, it [very rarely] will complete search. Otherwise, this message pops up upon input of 2nd character in the search field and then immediately errors out. Is this perhaps a memory issue which could be solved by a card?

  3. When charging, wall plug on charger gets really hot. I am very careful to watch battery charge so that I am not "overcharging" the battery (i.e., I unplug as soon as it gets close to 100%). I fear this is a problem that will damage the battery/phone.

  4. On its own, turns on the "do not disturb" function, resulting in undetected missed calls.

  5. Any way to delete the 2nd and 3rd home screens from the start up? When I try, it gives me a message that a minimum of 3 panels must exist. (pretty clear answer, but any workaround?). My icons persistently move from one screen to the other resulting in my continually having to reformat the 3 screens. Any way to "lock" the icons so that they don't relocate on their own?

  6. The lock screen has a press & hold function which is cumbersome to use. Switched to the pattern lock function and the phone now requires the press & hold AND the pattern. Can I turn off the press & hold?

  7. Lastly, cannot figure out the email import function (both Outlook and Gmail) for my email account. Am sure this is a BDO issue as I can access my Gmail inbox; I can't figure out how to import my incoming mail from Juno. Have googled and read extensively; no luck. Any suggestions?

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