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I am unable to make calls, i keep getting "cant hold calls" error message. i would turn my phone off and back on but, unfortunately i also forgot my pattern password, so i will be locked out if i turn it off, can someone please help me!!!!! WITH BOTH ISSUES WOULD BE GREAT! :smile: smile:


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    If you forgot your pattern/password, you could try to reset it by log into your google account and use "Find my Device feature."

    1-Make sure the phone has internet access. Log into google account on a computer
    2-Open Find My Device
    3-Choose the correct device (if you have multiple devices).
    4-Use lock (looks to me that google has change this to "Secure device") to change the lockscreen pin and log out of the google account.

    You can find more info here.

    If that failed, factory reset is an option. if you factory reset in the recovery, then when you first boot up the device, it will asks you for the previous main google account's username and password. Be warned, you will loose all of the data and you must entered the main username and password in order to setup the phone, if you did not then you won't be able to use the device at all.

    As for the call issue, try to disable volte (or enhanced calling) and see if that help.

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    I dipped a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and then stuck it into the headphone hole and wiggled it around a few times. Then restarted my phone, it worked!!!

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