Video on Snapchat

VangVang United StatesPosts: 1 ✭✭✭✭

So I got the blade zmax last year and it worked perfectly fine with all the apps however one day. While I was on Snapchat it stop recording videos at one minute mark. Even though I know its still on the infinite recording. So then reboot the phone and it still stick on the one minute mark for recording videos on Snapchat. So then I want to check if its my Snapchat sign it back on with my old LG phone and the recording of videos work perfectly fine on the LG phone. So I know its not the app or Snapchat but the phone. CAN anyone tell me why it that or how I can fix this problem of the zte z max stoping by itself on Snapchat at the one minute mark even though I'm still hold the button to record longer then one minute?

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